1mobility brings all means of travel together by converging all public transportation into a single platform. It combines options from different transport providers into a single mobile service, removing the hassle of planning and one-off payments. 1mobility is a carefree, environmentally sound alternative to owning a car. It works out the best option for every journey – whether that’s a taxi, intercity or intracity metro & transit or a rental car. 

From office commutes to weekend getaways, it manages daily travel in the smartest way possible. 1mobility’s value proposition is to make the city more livable, take transport service to the next level and become part of people’s every day. In short, 1Mobility is the Mobility Marketplace 


InPUT stands for Integrated Public Transit System. It is a-state-of-the-art solutions specifically developed to meet the complicated operational requirement of every public transit services. The system is powered by our public transit information system, electronic ticketing machine, onboard ticket validators, automatic fare collection, cash and cashless card payment and automatic passenger counting system.

  • Bus Information System & RTPI
  • Automated Fare Collection System
  • Automatic Passenger Counting & Video Surveillance


UBAS provides an innovative, affordable and modular solution to bus operators to become more competitive by managing mobile resources to risen the service level standard. It provides mobile cashless ticketing, bus monitoring, driver incentive, automatic passenger counting and many more.

  • Bus Control Centre System
  • Bus Planning, Scheduling, Dispatching and Monitoring
  • Mobile Cashless Ticketing & Revenue Management


TRANSIP for fleets is an innovative web-based fleet management platform. The system lets you focus on the KPIs of particular importance, thereby maximizing your effciency. The built-in Silent Inspector Program sends critical data to your attention in order to keep your business in good order. Reduce labor, fuel and depreciation costs by decreasing idle time, optimizing miles driven and managing driver behavior. Plus, get to more jobs faster and get more done.

  • Advanced FMS, MDVR, OBD, ADAS & Drowsiness Detection
  • Driver Behaviour and Eco-Driving Management
  • Transport & Delivery Management System


hai!  a-taxi  is our sophisticated e-hailing application develop with an  advance  business logic to compete with the popular e-haling system available in the market. hai!  a-taxi  is for the professional taxi drivers in contrast to the other e-hailing system provided by amateurs. The system is enhanced with our AVTS (advanced Vehicle Telematics System) e-DIS (e-Driver Information System), fare collection and payment systems..

  • Driver, Passenger, Dispatcher and Back-Office Apps
  • Cash & Cashless Payment System
  • Performance Management & BI Engine


Advanced Vehicle Telematics is a vehicle security, monitoring and online diagnostics system that combines Location-Based information with the OBD and  CANBus data. As vehicle are getting more sophisticated with electronic system, AVT provides real-time information of vehicle health status to keep it safe and secure.

  • Enhance vehicle safety and security
  •  Capture vehicular data via OBD and CANbus remotely
  •  Connect to the emergency support centre


TIX is our e-ticketing solution for the public transit services integrated with journey planner, fare collection and booking system. Our e-ticketing and e-payment systems enable account-based ticketing and are available in two configurations; driver’s BUS POS app and passenger self-service app. These apps are synced together to provide a seamless ticketing system and let the passengers enjoy  smooth ride to the destination.

  • Public Transit Ticket Aggregator 
  • Single Market Place for Ticket a.k.a Ticket Market
  • Account-Based Ticketing


Touch and Pay is our integrated mobile and cashless blockchain-based payment system . Its design is simply innovative and disruptive in nature that lets you cash-in, cash-out and perform transaction at almost any location nation-wide. FREN's ecosystem comprises of a secured payment gateway, interbank fund transfer, international remittance delivered via web and mobile applications for agents, merchants and users.

  • P2P, Loan, Donation and POS
  • Blockchain & smart contract
  • IBFT, TnG, Visa, MasterCard, WU etc